Turks to add value to Zambia’s agro-processing

Turkey companies have been invited to invest in Zambia’s agro-processing industry to add value to agricultural products.

Joseph Chilengi, Zambia’s Ambassador to Turkey said Zambia is working on developing the agro-processing industry to add value to the abundant agricultural products through acquisition of advanced technologies.

 “Currently the agro-processing and manufacturing industry contributes about 11 percent to Zambia’s gross domestic product (GDP) and with increased investment.

“It is hoped that the sector can contribute more to the economy and bring about employment creation,” Dr. Chilengi said.

He cited that limited access to appropriate technology and capacity to maintain existing technologies has led to failure by locally processed products to compete with imports.

Dr. Chilengi said the leadership of President Edgar Lungu had placed agriculture on top of its development agenda.

The sector contributes 13 percent of the country’s GDP and plans are to diversify from primary agriculture into agro-processing.

“The agro-processing sector basically provides an opportunity for small-scale producers to engage in small scale enterprises in Zambia,” Dr. Chilengi said.


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